What kind of fragrance does Jiangmen automatic incense machine have?

2020-09-16 16:13:34

1. From the material, formula and technology

The biological value of natural flavor (including the extract of natural flavor) is much higher than that of its components. Chemical products of perfume series are composed of aromatic compounds containing benzene ring, such as coal chemical materials and petrochemical materials. Although they have aromatic smell, they are harmful to health in varying degrees as chemical agents, especially in fumigation.

2. From the aroma characteristics

Some people may use the fragrance with poor quality for a long time without being aware of it, and unconsciously form some bad habits of using incense and commenting standards; even the experienced users of fragrance may not be able to make correct judgment on the newly touched fragrance. However, everything has a learning process. It is not difficult to cultivate a good sense of discrimination by focusing on more experiences and more efforts. The quality of the aroma is different, but there is no method to identify the flavor


The fragrance is fresh and refreshing, and it will not feel dizzy if used for a long time;

The fragrance is mellow and mellow, and the intensity is moderate;

Even if the fragrance is rich, it will not feel greasy. Even if it is quiet, its fragrance is clear and discernible;

There is no trace of "artificial fragrance", even if the fragrance is more obvious, you can also understand a natural quality;

It makes people relaxed and quiet;

There is a sense of nourishing the body and mind, making people willing to be close to them;

It has a strong smell and can be tasted. It can be used for many purposes without feeling of disgust;

The fragrance is more durable;

The fragrance made of natural spices can often feel some subtle astringency and medicinal herbs in the fragrance;

The smoke is light and bluish white.

The above are just the characteristics of ordinary incense. As for the superior Hexiang, its beauty and strangeness are far beyond the ordinary people's experience, so it's really inconceivable that there is no personal understanding. As the ancients said, a good fragrance is like a miraculous medicine and elixir, which can help humanize diseases and cure diseases, open the mind and clear the customs, and make the realization of wonderful things come true. In order to produce such a good fragrance, it is necessary not only to have high-quality incense materials, but also to have excellent incense makers. Now it is very difficult to find such a good fragrance in the general market.

3. From the appearance of the fragrance

Dyes can make beautiful colors (while the fragrance made by natural spices is mostly gray in color);

The use of special chemical additives can simply make the appearance of fragrance become smooth and clean;

Chemical flavors can announce strong fragrance.

In the packaging, it is more simple to make it look good and high-grade.

As for thread incense and pansy, we can also measure their weight. Although the heavier is not the better, generally speaking, the quality of very light incense is poor, and most of them use materials such as plants and trees. But do not look at its "volume", many very thick and long incense, in fact, the material is very loose.

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