What is the difference between traditional aroma making machine and automatic aroma making machine

2020-09-16 16:13:34

There are many varieties of incense. They are incense, sandalwood and perfume. They can be divided into bamboo, incense, incense, incense, incense, smoke and so on. The use of fragrant wood powder: agarwood, smoked land, white sandalwood, green wood, clove, etc. Similarly, it can be divided into traditional incense and modern incense making according to its development. So what's the difference and what progress has been made? Jiangmen fragrant machine manufacturer will tell you about it.


In order to make traditional fragrance, we should first sum up and consider the use, flavor type, grade and other factors of the fragrance, and then select spices or medicinal materials according to these basic requirements, and then mix them according to the monarch, minister, assistant and assistant. Only when monarch, minister, assistant and assistant fit their respective positions, can different spices be fully developed. For example, yamen incense, Xinxiang, Gongxiang, Hangxiang and the incense for curing diseases have their own principles and methods, but they are all based on the deduction of the five movements and six Qi, the five elements Shengke, the heavenly stems and the earthly branches.

The difference between the two kinds of fragrance processing is obvious. Nowadays, sandalwood and other single incense are more common in the market, so many people think that this kind of single incense is the main body of traditional incense, which is a big misunderstanding. Just as a single Chinese herbal medicine is not a good medicine even if it is precious, a good perfume is not a good one. For example, with regard to sandalwood, the ancients have made it very clear that "sandalwood is easy to be made by air floatation when burned alone, which makes God uneasy for a long time."

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