Method of selecting essence from Jiangmen automatic flavoring machine

2020-09-16 16:13:34

Spice flavor is a kind of material that can emit fragrance and fragrance. It is divided into two categories: Spices and natural spices. Blending perfume, also known as essence, is a mixture of spices made up of several or even dozens of spices according to the essential flavor.

Natural flavor includes animal natural flavor and plant natural flavor. There are four kinds of animal natural spices: musk, civet, beaver and ambergris. They come from animal secretions and excreta. Animal flavor is scarce and expensive, so it is restricted in application. Botanical natural flavor is a mixture of various chemical components extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, fruits, skins and roots of plants. Because of the rich material origin and simple production method, the plant natural flavor occupies an important position in the spice industry.


According to the product condition of natural flavor, it is called essential oil, extract, balm, pure oil and tincture by commercial name. The preparation methods include steam distillation, extraction, pressing and absorption. Due to the monotonous aroma of natural flavor and its components, most of them can not be directly used in flavoring products alone. In order to satisfy people's higher demand for aroma and fragrance, we should select several or dozens of fragrant materials according to the quality requirements of the perfumed products and the specified flavor types, and mix them in proper proportion to make blending flavors.

Flavors can be divided into three categories according to their uses: food flavors (including feed attractant), daily flavors and industrial flavors; according to the existence of flavors, they can be divided into four main categories: water-soluble essence, oil soluble essence, emulsified flavor and powdered flavor; according to the flavor of flavor, they can be divided into fragrant flavor, non floral flavor, fruit flavor, meat flavor, milk flavor, and wine flavor. Tobacco flavor and medicinal essence. Flavor in flavoring products, though only a few percent, has great impact on product quality.

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