How to maintain Jiangmen automatic incense making machine correctly

2020-09-16 16:13:34

1) the operator shall be responsible for the management, use and protection of the equipment of his post, and shall realize the "four understandings and three abilities" (understand the structure, principle, performance and purpose; be able to use, protect and maintain, and eliminate faults), and complete the following operations:

1. Correct use of the equipment: operators should strictly abide by the operating procedures, be familiar with the operation procedures (including maintenance preparation before start-up, adjustment and switching during operation, shutdown and accident handling, etc.), carefully control various parameters in the operation of the equipment (such as temperature, pressure, flow, time, speed, voltage, current, etc.) and prohibit over temperature, overpressure and overload operation.

2. Check the equipment carefully: the operator should confirm the patrol inspection road according to the process flow, strictly implement the patrol inspection criteria, and check the operation of the equipment by listening, seeing, touching, comparing and smelling. In case of any abnormal condition, find out the cause and handle it in time. In case of any dangerous situation, it is necessary to deal with it urgently, inform relevant personnel in time, and make inspection records.

3. Carefully protect and maintain the equipment: the operators should carefully do a good job in the lubrication of the equipment, reasonably check the lubrication condition of the equipment, and implement the "five fixed" (fixed quality, fixed person, fixed point, quantitative and regular) criterion.


2) ensure that personnel are directly responsible for protecting the equipment. Ensure that the personnel often take the post to check, take the initiative to understand the operation status of the equipment from the operators, timely handle the problems found, and make specific records.

3) guarantee personnel shall ensure that all standby equipment is in excellent state. The standby equipment shall be regularly inspected and protected, and attention shall be paid to dust, moisture, corrosion and freezing. The transmission equipment should be regularly turned and switched.

4) strictly implement the shift handover criteria, carefully and carefully carry out the shift operation of equipment operation status, and make specific records for the handover of primary production equipment.

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