What is Jiangmen automatic incense making machine?

2020-09-16 16:13:34

Automatic computer type automatic (large, small) machine fragrance machine. One year warranty, charge maintenance, software limited promotion. Disadvantages: 1. Fast consumption, two people can operate five machines at the same time, a small increase in the cost of labor (compared with the old machine fragrance machine, only one tenth of the cost). 2. Good quality, not hot, no powder, light body, strong fragrance, beautiful appearance. 3. Greatly reduce the cost: first dye the wick and then consume, no need to dye the foot, automatic molding without binding feet, the sticky powder can be increased by about 10%, the pigment can be increased by 50%, without the use of combustion supporting agent (potassium nitrate). 4. the speed of the fragrant dry is fast, it will not change color, the fragrance is not easy to volatilize, the commodity fragrance is more fragrant, thicker, can increase the fragrance about 30%., the market bears the high degree, even makes money.


Automatic tribute machine is a kind of equipment which is popular and easy to use at present. Advantages: 1. The body is beautiful; 2. It can be tied with round feet, which will not burst when it burns close to the fragrant feet, causing the incense burner to catch fire; 3. It can consume large incense with a diameter of 0.8 cm to 13 cm, and the size is complete; 4. Only one person is required to operate, which greatly increases the labor cost; 5. The operation is complex and easy to learn; 6. The task site is clean, does not touch hands, and has less material tail

Jiangmen automatic incense making machine is a kind of equipment which is widely used and has good effect. It belongs to an all-round incense making machine, which can do both large and small incense. It only needs one group to operate. It is complex, convenient and superior in quality. It can consume about 300 kg of fragrance of 0.3 cm in length and 39.5 cm in length every day. It is the type of incense making machine at present. Smokeless incense and other special kinds of incense can be consumed normally. Features: 1. Complex and easy to learn; 2. Smooth operation; 3. Saving labor costs; 4. Bright goods; 5. One sided consumption; 6. Less space; 7. Clean dust; 8. Excellent quality.

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