What are the raw materials for making Buddhist incense

2020-09-16 337

The formula of 100 Jin Buddha incense: 20 jin bamboo stamen, 70 Jin wood flour, 10 jin sticky powder, 2 jin potassium nitrate, proper amount of pigment and perfume. According to this share, excellent Buddhist incense can be made.

Wood flour: 120 to 160 mesh, white color, no odor as the standard, ready-made on the market. (you can't make such fine wood flour by yourself. There are thousands of yuan of flour beaters in the market that can produce more than 100 mesh wood flour, which is not true.)

Sticky powder: it is generally called white glue. It is a kind of sticky powder made from the bark, branches, leaves and roots of natural trees. When it comes to water, the powder will become sticky. It is in the form of glue liquid. When pulling out the silk thread, the viscosity is very strong, but the cost of white glue is too high. Now the company independently developed a new type of denatured plant glue, directly participate in wood flour can be used, the use of this product bad smell, smooth appearance, no cracking, good color, no fading, sufficient ignition time, good flammability, good packaging of finished products, no dust, no pollution to the environment, can reduce costs.

Bamboo stick (small bamboo stick fragrance): divided into square core and round core, the standard is from 1.3 to 3.0, the smaller the diameter, the higher the price.

Bamboo stick (Bangxiang): cut the bamboo from the mountain into the required length, generally 60-200cm, to produce different standard stick incense.


If you want to make a little better fragrance, add the appearance and smell of the body, you can add the following information:

Pigment information: it is to add different colors to the fragrance, such as scarlet, rose essence, light yellow, alkaline orange, magenta, gold powder, etc.

Flavors and fragrances: we can participate in the fragrances and fragrances of Osmanthus fragrans, fragrant incense, Tibet Gong Xiang, natural Sandalwood oil, cherry blossoms, Magnolia, flowers, roses, jasmine, India, sandalwood, etc.

Other information: glass water, stone powder, potassium nitrate, gold tablets, Lingguang powder, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Package information: cylinder, cellophane, heat shrinkable film, plastic bag, carton, etc.

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